See. Prioritize. Act.

Visualize and see the cause of production errors.
Get answers from your JVMs without sifting through logs.

  • Installation

    Installation Runs as simple Java agent.
    No changes to your code or build.

  • perfromance

    Performance Track millions of log events and errors
    in real-time without parsing logs.

  • Security

    Security Secured by multiple layers of encryption.
    Store data in the cloud or on-premises.

Trends and Alerts

Know when apps break

Visualize all log errors, warnings and exceptions
from your JVMs without parsing logs.

  • See when new errors are introduced or increase.
  • Create custom views and alerts.

A DevOps BFF

Fits your infrastructure

Send log events and errors from your JVM
into any dashboard or alerting tool.

  • See across applications, servers, and timeframes.
  • Works with Graphite, Grafana, Nagios, Zabbix,
    PagerDuty, NewRelic, AppDynamics, DataDog, Librato
    Slack, HipChat and many more. Learn more.

An IQ boost to your logs

Takipi links your log errors to the code and variable state
that caused them - right as if you were there.

Built-in support for Logback, Log4j, SLF4J, and more.

Splunk / logstash / sumologic / loggly

Sharing Is Caring

Share the root cause between DevOps and engineers.

  • Share an error through email or JIRA with a link to the code and variables that caused it.
  • Capture and share root cause without having to reproduce errors.
  • Alerting
    Alerting - Know when new errors are introduced into your application.
    Alerting - Control which errors you're alerted on with a fully customizable rules engine.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork - invite team members to solve critical errors.
    Teamwork - Easily invite and share error information between teammates.
  • Labels
    Labels - Share and tag errors with labels and notes.
    Labels - Share and labels errors (e.g. Jonathan, Important, V2.0..). Get alerted when you are tagged.
  • Jira
    JIRA - Open JIRA tickets for new production errors with one click.
    JIRA - Open a JIRA issue for an error with a link to the code and variables that caused it.
  • slack
    Slack - See new errors directly from Slack.
    Slack - See new errors directly from Slack.
  • NewRelic
    NewRelic - See errors in your JVM directly from NewRelic.
    NewRelic - See errors in your JVM directly from NewRelic with the Takipi plug-in.

Works with your frameWorks

Takipi supports all JVM languages, containers, and frameworks.

Click here to learn more about how Takipi works.

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Installs in minutes

Runs as a simple Java agent.

No code or build changes.

Linux, OS X, and Win. Java 6-8.

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Java / Scala

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