Know when and why
code breaks in production.

See the cause without sifting through logs.

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Supports all JVM languages
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Track all log errors and exceptions in production JVMs.
See the complete code and variable state behind each error.

private Publisher selectPublisher(List<Publisher> publishers publishers 0AdPublisher 1BidPublisher ) { for (Publisher   publisher publisher minPrice0.2 maxPrice0.7 ... : publishers publishers 0AdPublisher 1BidPublisher ) { double allowance 0.8 = publisher publisher minPrice0.2 maxPrice0.7 ... .getAllowance(); if (( bidPrice null .minimum() >= allowance 0.8 See code and state from the production JVM at the moment of error. ) && ( bidPrice null .maximum() <= allowance 0.8 )) { return publisher publishers minPrice0.2 maxPrice0.7 ; } }
public JSONObject buildCampaign() { List<Publisher> publishers publishers 0AdPublisher 1BidPublisher = fetchLivePublishers(); Collections.shuffle( publishers publishers 0AdPublisher 1BidPublisher ); Publisher candidate = selectPublisher( publishers publishers 0AdPublisher 1BidPublisher ); Campaign campaign = internalCreateCamapain(candidate); return campaign.toJson(); }
protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req req inputStreamInputStream .. , HttpServletResponse resp resp outputStreamoutputStream status0 ) throws ServletException, IOException { String transactionId TRAN-2015-X4k12s = req req inputStreamInputStream .. .getParameter("transactionId"); String hostIp = req req inputStreamInputStream .. .getHeader("X-Forwarded-For");
public static void execute() { try { InputStream is is length2048 bufferbyte[] =connection .getInputStream(); parseResponse( is is length2048 bufferbyte[] ); } catch (Exception e) { logger.error("Problem with bid request " + urlStr, e); } }
public static void execute(Task task task taskId7412 queue"prod1" ... ) { if ( task task taskId7412 queue"prod1" ... .shouldExecuteNow()) { task task taskId7412 queue"prod1" ... .execute(); } else { asyncExecutor.execute(task); } }
public void run() throws InterruptedException { while (! shouldStop false ) { Message message message msgId"54947df8-0e9e" taskId7412 = queue queue length140 topBidRequestTask .fetchNextMessage(); Task task task taskId7412 queue"prod1" ... = TaskFactory.messageToTask( message message msgId"54947df8-0e9e" taskId7412 ); TaskExecutor.execute( task task taskId7412 queue"prod1" ... ); } }


Visualize log errors and exceptions without parsing logs.
Respond to errors and critical events in seconds.

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    A lightweight JVM agent tracks
    all log errors and exceptions.
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    Visualize all log events and errors
    at scale without parsing logs.
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    Transmit data as metrics
    into 20+ DevOps tool.
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Takipi is super useful. Right after installing we found a major bug in our production environment we weren't even aware of!


Fits your infrastructure

Inject live intelligence into your logs.
Seamless integration with your existing tools.

  • Alerting
    Alerting - Know when new errors are introduced into your application.
    Alerting - Control which errors you're alerted on with a fully customizable rules engine.
  • Logging
    Logging - See the code and variables behind each error in your logs.
    Logging - Takipi links log errors directly to the code and variable state that caused them.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork - Manage and invite team members to solve errors.
    Teamwork - Easily invite teammates to view error analyses.
  • Labels
    Labels - Open JIRA issues and tag errors with custom labels.
    Labels - Share and labels errors (e.g. Dan-TBD, Severe,..). Get alerted when you are tagged.

Installs in minutes

Runs as a simple java agent.

No code or build changes.

wget -O - -o /dev/null | sudo bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<installation key>
curl -s /dev/null | sudo bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<installation key>
sudo dpkg -i <path-to-deb> sudo /opt/takipi/etc/takipi-setup-package <installation key>
sudo rpm -i <path-to-rpm> sudo /opt/takipi/etc/takipi-setup-package <installation key>

the takipi.dmg installer for OS X.


the takipi.msi installer for Windows.

Our Chef cookbook:

git clone

Our Puppet module:

git clone

Our Ansible playbook:

git clone
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Java / Scala

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