Takipi for Scala

Writing in Scala is great. Takipi makes debugging it in production just as fun.

Free trial, no credit card required


Deployed new code? Takipi tells when it creates exceptions, errors or slowdowns.


Know what broke. See which errors are new, involve updated code or increased in rate.


Understand why. Get the exact code and variable state for each error as if you were there.

All the functions and λs leading to the error (live and completed) Takipi shows you the function calls in which values causing the exception were set.
Variable values Takipi collects the relevant values of variables and objects at moment of event, so you don't have to stare at log stack traces and guess which values were there.
Multithreading info Takipi tells you where values causing an exception were set - even if an object was modified across multiple threads.
Variable history Takipi's historical debugger automatically logs the values of variables causing an exception for you, so you can easily see how they got their values.

Installs in 1 min. Zero configuration. Built for production (2% overhead)

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Free trial, no credit card required
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